I joined Melbourne Business School in 2006 and taught the core MBA strategy class for a decade. In 2013, I launched a new course for our full-time MBA program, the Innovation Bootcamp. In 2016, I launched two new courses for the University of Melbourne: a nine-month BioDesign course for MBS and the Engineering Faculty Masters students (with David Grayden), and the capstone project course for the new MBS Masters of Entrepreneurship program taught at the Wade Institute. In 2018, I launched the MBS Innovation for Growth Executive Education course with Greg Harbidge.


Melbourne Business School, Australia, 2006-

National University of Singapore, 2000-2006

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Fall 2001

  • Introduction to Managing the Innovation Process (15.351)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995-2000

  • Teaching Assistant for : Introduction to Managing the Innovation Process (15.351, 15.352), Technology Strategy (15.932) and the MIT Summer Executive Program on the Management of Research, Development and Technology-Based Innovation (15.90s).

Workshops and Short Courses

  • Workshop on competitor analysis for the Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program, Sep 2020.
  • Workshop on identifying and testing assumptions for the Melbourne Accelerator Velocity Program, Sep 2020. 
  • Workshop for the Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program, Sep 2019.
  • Workshop on identifying hypotheses and assumptions when scaling up, Melbourne Accelerator Program, June 2019.
  • Guest lecture on "Commercialisation via Startups" for the Master of Medical Science (Commercialisation Specialisation) capstone. Apr 2019.
  • Invited talk on competitors and competition, Translating Research at Melbourne (TRaM) program, University of Melbourne. Sep, 2018.
  • Guest lecture on Online Business Models, University of Melbourne Law Masters course on internet law, Unimelb Law School. July 2018.
  • Workshop session on How to Get Started In Innovation, Melbourne Business School Melbourne Alumni Chapter, May 2018.
  • Dick Smith case, MBS information session, 2016 & 2017.
  • Workshop on linking strategic thinking to experimentation and validation, MBS executive training program for a major electricity company, May 2017.
  • Entrepreneurship frameworks, facilitator for STEMBEA Workshop. July, 2016.
  • Forming collaborative relationships, Centre for Asian Business and Economics Seminar: Entrepreneurship and Innovation, University of Melbourne, Aug 2015.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship, IP & Commercialisation Symposia for Researchers, Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery at the St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, Aug 2015.
  • Guest lecture on Internet Business Models, University of Melbourne Law Masters course by Megan Richardson, Unimelb Law School. 1 June 2015.
  • Internet freedom and business management, Guest speaker, Melbourne Law School, 13 Oct 2014.
  • The Australian Innovation System and Scientific Careers in Australia, Guest speaker, Science Pathways Conference organised by the Australian Academy of Science. 17 Oct 2013.
  • Guest lecture on Internet Business Models, University of Melbourne Law Masters course by Megan Richardson and Dan Hunter, Unimelb Law School. 3 June 2013.
  • Guest speaker, Melbourne Business School MBA course on Macroeconomics by Andrew John. 5 June 2013.
  • Guest lecture on Internet Business Models, University of Melbourne Masters course by Megan Richardson, Law School. 4 May 2012.
  • Workshop presentation at IP Australia, Canberra. June, 2011.
  • Strategies for Newspaper Firms, Guest lecture, University of Melbourne Law School class on Competition & IP Law, by Megan Richardson and Arlen Duke, 15 Nov 2010.
  • Workshop presentation at IP Australia, Canberra. December, 2009.
  • Guest lecture, University of Melbourne class on commercializing biotechnology, Oct, 2006.
  • Patent Search and Claims Analysis, NUS Entrepreneurship Center University Technology Commercialization Program, Nov 2004.

Executive Education

  • Developed and launched the MBS Innovation for Growth program, with Greg Harbidge, 2018.
  • Keynote session on Innovation, MBS General Management Program, June 2016.
  • Sidamo and Blackberry,  Intellectual Property Management Case Studies, IPRIA IP in the Real World Series, June 2009.
  • Profiting from Innovation, NUS-3M Program on Managing Innovation in Secondary Schools, January 2005.
  • Information Technology: Strategy and Implementation, a 1-day training program for the NUS-Port of Singapore Authority Graduate Diploma/Certificate Program in Maritime and Port Management, April 2004.
  • Patents as Technological Indicators, Singapore-World Intellectual Property Organization Training Course for Asia and the Pacific Region, October 2002.
  • Strategies for Linking Scientific Research to Innovation, Recent Advances in Innovation Research: Lessons for Technology Strategists and Policymakers, Singapore, September 2002.

Teaching Cases

  • Ruanyi, Yingyi Tsai, and Kwanghui Lim. YFY Teaching Case (forthcoming in the Ivey Collection, 2020).
  • David Weston and Kwanghui Lim (2008), "Blackberry". Case study on managing intellectual property written for and the World Intellectual Property Organization.

Teaching Presentations

  • Lessons from the Kellogg International Teachers Program (ITP), Melbourne Business School Teaching Forum, Nov 2011.
  • Implementing Active Student Learning, Introductory session on "My Experience in the PDP-Teaching Program," NUS Centre for Development of Teaching and Learning, Nov 2004.

Professional Experience and Consulting

Senior Tutor, National University of Singapore (1994-1995)

  • Tutored undergraduate Computing and Statistics courses.
  • Co-developed an AI-based Academic Advising System.
  • Worked on the early development of STOCKNET, a stock-market trading simulation.
  • Member of consulting team (with Drs. Wong Poh Kam, Lawrence Loh and Phyllisis Ngin) on project with the Singapore National Computer Board for the 1995 IT Manpower Survey and the Singapore National IT Productivity Study.

Consultant, Booz Allen & Hamilton (1991-1993)

  • Worked with companies in Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, Nigeria and Nepal on issues relating to corporate strategy and information technology. Developed a computer-based staffing model used at several financial institutions.

Summer Intern, Texas Instruments Singapore (1989, 1990)

  • Worked on DRAM manufacturing, including semiconductor process and device failure characterization.

Students Supervised

Ph.D. Thesis Supervision (in progress)

  • Ozlem Ozkok, University of Melbourne. Co-supervisor.

Graduate Thesis Supervision (Completed)

  • Michael R Falk, Ph.D. (Management), Melbourne Business School. Lead supervisor. Completed 2018.
  • Roland Sargeant, MIT Leaders for Manufacturing Masters Program, 2003. Thesis Advisor.
  • Zheng Tingjun, NUS M.Sc (Management) NUS Business School, 2004. Thesis Advisor.
  • Grace Shen Sien, M.Sc. (Management), NUS Business School. Joint supervisor with Pekhooi Soh.
  • Wang Xiaoyang , Ph.D., Industrial & Systems Engineering, NUS. Thesis committee member.
  • Manathattai S. Annapoornima, Ph.D. (Management), NUS Business School. Joint advisor with Pekhooi Soh.
  • Zhuang Wenyue, Ph.D.(Management), NUS Business School. Joint supervisor with Poh-kam Wong.

Undergraduate Thesis Supervision (Completed)

  • Brian Cu, BBA (1st Class Hons), NUS Business School, 2006.
  • Eugene Sim, BBA (1st Class Hons), NUS Business School, 2006. Joint supervisor with Susanna Leong.
  • Yeah Hong Eng, B.Sc. (Mathematics and Management), 2003.

Research Assistants Supervised

  • Michelle Ong (2015-) Melbourne University.
  • Anyu Quah (2012-2014) Melbourne University
  • Wong Sue Yinn (2012-2013) Melbourne University
  • Winnie Chui (2010-2013) Melbourne University
  • Sarah Wong (2009-2012) Melbourne University
  • Rachel Goh (2008-2011) Melbourne University
  • Sarah Berriman (2007-2010) Melbourne University.
  • Su-Ting Liu (2007) Melbourne Business School.
  • Dora Bui Thi Nhung (2003-2005), BBA, NUS Business School.
  • Nguyen Thanh Long (2003-2005), BBA (Hons), NUS Business School.
  • Roshni Mohapatra (2003-2004), M.Sc (Computer Science) NUS.
  • Adeline Woo (2002-2004), BBA, NUS Business School.
  • Melissa Giang (2004), BBA, NUS Business School.
  • Rahul Kapoor (2004), MBA, NUS Business School.
  • Tao Zhen (2003-4), graduate student, NUS Engineering Faculty.
  • Jason Lee (2003-4), graduate student, NUS Engineering Faculty.
  • Mala Selvaraj (2001-2003), M.Sc (Computer Science) NUS.
  • Ashwin Jhamb (2003), MBA, NUS Business School.