About the course

This course puts the student in the role of a CEO making strategic management decisions. It exposes students to conceptual models of business strategy, along with applications. Each week we analzye a case to understand the choices and tradeoffs faced by managers.

Upon completing this subject, you should have learned:

  • the concepts of business strategy and competitive advantage
  • the methods commonly employed to perform industry analysis, and how to effectively use those tools and concepts (including Porter’s 5 Forces and game theory) in formulating and assessing strategies;
  • the methods commonly used to analyze the firm’s internal resources and capabilities, and to effectively use those tools and concepts in formulating and assessing strategies;

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Teaching Philosophy and Approach

My teaching style is based on a student-directed approach. I try to facilitate my students’ self-discovery by providing exciting content, motivation and guidance, but only you can truly drive the learning process. Each session uses case discussions, debates, and lively arguments. I expect students to play an active role in class and to prepare by analysing each week’s readings and cases beforehand.


Pre-requisites: World of Management, Managing People, Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting
Concurrent Pre-requisites: Marketing, Financial Management
Soft Requisite: Managing Processes

Appointments for Consultation
I am happy to discuss course material with you. I expect you would have done the requisite readings and case analysi. Please make an appointment in advance. Thursdays work best for me, but I’m flexible with timing.


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