Invited Talks, Panels, Public Events

2020 onwards

  • Roundtable Presentation for the launch of Melbourne Connect, May 2021.
  • Expert Chair, session on Transformational Innovations for Business Recovery, Global Emerging Innovation Summit (EIS20), Aug 2020.    
  • MBS co-lab with Medibank team, Aug 2020.
  • Guest panelist, MBS Business in Asia Course, Aug 2020. 
  • Organiser and speaker, sessions on (1) bringing ideas from lab to market and (2) corporate innovation, MBS Alumni Day, Feb 2020.


  • Moderator, IPRIA-IP Australia panel on the future of fashion and designs, Nov 2019.
  • Moderator, MBS-Wade joint public event:innovating in the property sector and beyond, Oct 2019.
  • Panel on Technological and Business Innovation, Emerging Innovation Summit, Melbourne. Aug 2019. 
  • Conducted a workshop on "Startups & Students", Future Founders Club, Sep 2019.
  • Panelist, TRaMx Bootcamp, Translating Research at Melbourne Program, Mar 2019.
  • Faculty mentor for the Melbourne Knowledge Week event hosted by Melbourne Business School, May 2019.
  • Discussant, session on Internet of Things. MBS Future Founders Club, Nov 2018.
  • Feedback Panelist for teams at The Actuator (Australia's Medtech Accelerator), Nov 2018.
  • Panelist, session on Virtual and Augmented Reality. MBS Future Founders Club, Oct 2018.
  • Keynote speaker and judging panel member, inaugural ASES Summit organised by the Young Entrepreneurs Collective, July 2018.
  • Panelist, session on What I Wish I Knew As A Founder organized by the Melbourne Business School Future Founders Club, July 2018.
  • Key Lessons on How to Innovate as an MBA, Melbourne Business School Alumni Singapore Chapter, July 2018.
  • Discussant, Panel on Fostering Intrapreneurs: How Australian Corporates are Innovating through the Lean Startup Method, MBS Alumni Day, Feb 2018.
  • Panelist, Forum on Reality to Research: How to Implement Innovation, Melbourne Networked Society Institute, Aug 2017.
  • Panelist, Melbourne Networked Society Symposium, Nov 2016.
  • Host and discussant, Panel on Bitcoin and the Blockchain, Melbourne Knowledge Week at Melbourne Business School, May 2016.
  • Debate panel (with Ivan Png, Chris Tucci and Margaret Kyle), DRUID Asia Inaugural Conference, Singapore, Feb 2016. Motion: "Right IP Regimes cause harm to emerging export-led economies".
  • Online privacy: does it matter?, Discussant IPRIA/CMCL Public Seminar, Sep 2015.
  • Innovation Workshop for MBS Alumni Reunion, July 2015 (Melbourne) and Oct 2015 (Singapore).
  • Strategy in the camera industry, MBS information session, July 2015.


  • Kwanghui Lim, Michael Falk and Don O'Sullivan, The Market for Design: Insights from Interviews with Australian Firms. Presentation at IP Australia, Canberra. 5 Nov 2014.
  • Linking Design Thinking and Business, Guest speaker at an event organized by the MBS Marketing Association, June 2014.
  • Melbourne CTO School'', Panelist on New Directions in Managing Technology, 1 April 2014.
  • Panelist, Roundtable on Social Impact and Innovation, Melbourne Business School. Oct 2013.
  • From idea to investment, Guest speaker at an event jointly organized by the MBS Technology Club and Indian Institute Alumni, Melbourne, July 2013.
  • Entrepreneurship Networks and Start-up Ecosystems, Lunchtime Seminar, The Hub Singapore, 20 Dec 2012.
  • The Rise of Innovative China, Session Chair, MBS-IPRIA Conference, July 2012.
  • Adapting innovation across boundaries, a presentation to the MBS Alumni of Singapore, Jan 2012.
  • New Models for book Publishing, Discussant, MBS-IPRIA Public Seminar, Feb 2011.
  • The Innovative Organisation, Discussant, MBS-IPRIA Public Seminar, Dec 2010.
  • Who Owns the News?, Discussant, MBS-IPRIA Public Seminar, July 2010.

Before 2010

  • Should Genes be Patented?, MBS-CITE and IPRIA Panel and Public Discussion, April 2009.
  • Knowledge Brokering, Research Seminar, Australia School of Business, Sydney, 2007.
  • Knowledge Brokering, IPRIA Public Seminar, 2 November 2007.
  • IP Management and Patent Information for SMEs and Developing Countries: Potential Unexplored, Europe Asia Patent Information Conference 2005.
  • Challenges in Entrepreneurship, NUS Youth Entrepreneur Challenge Workshop, January 2005.
  • Moderator and Chair for NUS Overseas College "live" debate, January 2005.
  • Commercializing Technology, U21 Summer School, July 2004.
  • Basic Research, Applied Research and Innovation, Best Dissertation Award Ceremony, INFORMS Miami, December 2001.

Media Coverage and Commentary

2015 onwards

  • Quote in Layton Holley's article, Why young Australians' 'social media influencer' job may not last, Inner East Review, 23 October 2023.
  • Quote in AFR article on student engagement and the MBA revamp (2023).
  • MBS Webinar - Talking business during crisis: how MBS alumni are helping small businesses survive. 9 July 2020. Video and resource link.      
  • Quoted in the National Australia Bank Whitepaper on Moments That Matter – Understanding Australian SMEs, Chapter 1, 2017.
  • Featured in an article by the Wade Institute on my Master of Entrepreneurship Capstone course, Aug 2017.
  • Acknowledged for contributing to the Accenture report on Digital Shoring for Networked Innovation, 2016.
  • Quoted in Leon Gettler's article, "Make the trend your friend", The Australian, 22 Oct 2015.
  • Quoted in Leon Gettler's article on the future of work, "Why a robot could become your new best friend", The Australian, 13 Oct 2015.
  • Opportunities for Innovation in Australia, The Source (MBS Student Newsletter), Oct 2015.


  • Featured in Chris Sheedy's article, Growing entrepreneurs through business education, In The Black, 13 Nov 2014.
  • Catherine de Fontenay, Obfuscation by collaboration, Research Fortnight, 28 May 2014.
  • Featured in "IIT Alumni hold Innovation Meet for Entrepreneurs", The Indian Sun, July 2013.
  • Quoted in David James' article, Revolutionary thinkers: Michael Porter’s strategy game-changer, LeadingCompany, 28 February 2013.
  • Quoted in Damien Woolnough and Blair Speedy's article on online retailing, The Australian, 14 Dec 2012.
  • Quoted in an article on disruptive innovation, BRW, 16 Aug 2012.
  • Quoted in an article on the film industry, BRW, 13 June 2012.
  • Quoted in: Squeezing value from mergers and acquisitions, LeadingCompany, 4 June 2012.
  • Quoted in Myriam Robin's story, Qantas and Virgin fight over market share in LeadingCompany, 26 April 2012.
  • Quoted in Jackie Range's story on Wellcome's support for Open Science in BRW, 19 April 2012.
  • Keeping it creative: what happens to productivity when innovative firms are acquired?, University of Melbourne Up Close podcast, 5 August 2011.
  • What really went wrong for Borders and Angus & Robertson, The Conversation, 23 March 2011.
  • Quote on SME Strategies in NAB Business View Magazine, Issue 11, page 4, 2011.
  • Quoted in Peter Ollier's cover story on The Future of Digital Books in Managing IP Magazine, 20 March 2011.
  • Quoted in an article on the acquisition of Healthscope by Kate Sikora, US bid for Australian hospitals, Daily Telegraph, July 20, 2010.
  • Radio Interview (June, 2010) on Telstra's deal for the National Broadband Network, Power FM.
  • Radio Interview (May, 2010) on the National Broadband Network, ABC NewsRadio, Australian Broadcasting Corporation. See related blogpost.
  • March 2010, Interview for Australian Institute of Company Directors newsletter on Big Issues For Boards in 2010

Before 2010

  • Tim Lohman (2009), Little for CIOs to Get Excited About in Federal Budget , CIO Magazine and ComputerWorld.
  • Andrew Ramadge and Chloe Lake (2009), Wireless a threat to broadband network, says Minchin,
  • Kwanghui Lim (2009), IdeaCHECK on the BCG Innovation Report, MBS Center for Ideas and the Economy.
  • Kwanghui Lim (2008), IdeaCHECK on Venturous Australia, the National Innovation System Review, MBS Center for Ideas and the Economy.
  • Spread the Knowledge, BRW, February 1-7 2007, pp. 50.
  • Getting The Right Mix, An article by Aaron Bouchie in Nature describing the Hsu-Lim paper on Knowledge Bridging, 2006-08-24 (pp. 860). A summary is available at
  • Buying companies for new competencies: Is it worth it?, A feature on the Kapoor-Lim AMJ 2007 Paper, INSEAD Knowledge, Jan 2008.
  • Kwanghui Lim (2005), IP Protection Systems and Emerging Technologies, inter se, Singapore Academy of Law, April 2005.
  • Kwanghui Lim (2005), Book review: The management of innovation and technology : the shaping of the market economy by John Howells, Innovation: Management, Policy, and Practice.
  • Basic Research, Applied Research and Innovation, Best Dissertation Award Ceremony, INFORMS Miami, December 2001.

Government Submissions, Reports and Other Contributions

  • Michael R. Falk, Megan Richardson and Kwanghui Lim, Design and Practice: International Comparisons, Feb 2019.
  • Megan Richardson and Kwanghui Lim, input to IP Australia on design services, MBS, June 2019.
  • Kwanghui Lim, Feedback on the Productivity Commission Review of Intellectual Property, Sep 2015.
  • Kwanghui Lim, Michael Falk and Don O'Sullivan, The Market for Design: Insights from Interviews with Australian Firms. Presentation at IP Australia, Canberra. 5 Nov 2014.
  • Kwanghui Lim, Michael Falk and Don O'Sullivan (2014), The Market for Design: Insights from Interviews with Australian Firms. Report to IP Australia, June 2014.
  • Webster, Jensen, Lim, Palangkaraya, Thomson and de Rassenfosse (2013), Submission to the Review on Innovation Patents.
  • Australian Senate Commitee, Testimony on Gene Patenting, August 2009.
  • Chris Dent and Kwanghui Lim (2009), Submission to the Senate Community Affairs Committee Inquiry into Gene Patents, March 2009.


  • I occasionally write for the Core Economics website, focusing on innovation and strategy.