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Welcome to the NUS-MBS Patent Database.

This database is designed for large-sample academic research, such as for identifying empirical regularities across countries and industries. The database contains features not often available from commercial patent databases: custom searches with downloadable output that is easily imported into analysis programs.

In 2001, The NUS Business School and NUS Entrepreneurship Center initiated the development of the NUS Patent Database. The benefits included: low cost, flexibility in performing searches, high-speed access to data, and copyright (we purchased the data directly from the US Patent Office, with no strings attached). In addition, students received hands-on training through research and teaching. The original project proposal is here.

In 2006, the founding investigator of the project moved to Melbourne Business School. MBS is co-funding the hosting and development of the database, which has now been renamed the NUS-MBS Patent Database.

Database Contents

The database currently contains all US patents issued between 1976 and 2004. Citation counts, technological classes, and inventor and assignee details are included.

These patents are issued by the US Government to companies and organizations worldwide. For many goods and services, the US is the world's largest market. Thus, inventors and organizations apply for US Patents for important inventions. This makes US Patent data one of the best measures of innovation output available, and one that is comparable across firms.

Terms of use

Any report, paper or publication using this data should include an acknowledgement: "I/we acknowledge NUS and MBS for access to patent data".

This data is provided as-is without warranty of any kind. The National University of Singapore (NUS), Melbourne Business School (MBS) and their agents disclaim all warranties and conditions with regard to this information, whether express or implied. In no such event shall NUS or MBS be liable for any direct, indirect or consequential damages or any damage whatsoever resulting from loss of data or profits arising out of or in connection with the use or performance of information available through the use of this database.

Types of Access

I. Free Access: Simple searches are free for non-commercial use. Click on the "simple search" button on the top menu.

II. Full Access: Full access is available upon request. Click the "complex search" button on the top menu to obtain full access. External parties may request access; terms and conditions are negotiable.

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