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What are Complex Searches?

Complex searching is available upon request to NUS/MBS faculty members, their research assistants and coauthors. Our search engine has powerful capabilities. For example, you can input a list of patent numbers and obtain information about these patents, such as citation counts. The results in a format easily imported into other software packages. Features include citation searches, custom fields and patent databases, and optional sql command interface.

  • Due to our meagre hardware resources, we are unable to provide full access to the public.
  • Faculty members who require full access are expected to invest in the long-term development of this database. This involves RA time, costs of maintaining hardware, and purchasing new data. While this is costly, the possibilities for performing all sorts of innovative research makes it a worthwhile commitment.
  • Click here for sample screenshots [600k Powerpoint file].

External parties may make special requests to use the database, particularly for academic and government-related work.

Data Dictionary:

  • A description of the database tables is available here [pdf]

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