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Kwanghui Lim (Founder, Principal Investigator. 2001-)

Kwanghui founded and designed this database while working as an Assistant Professor with the NUS Department of Business Policy. He is now a Senior Lecturer at Melbourne Business School ( and an Associate Director of th e Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA).

Poh Kam Wong (Principal Investigator, NUS. 2006-)

Prof. Wong is Associate Professor, Business School and Director, Entrepreneurship Centre, National University of Singapore. He obtained two BSc.’s., an MSc. and a Ph.D. from MIT. He has published in numerous international journals on innovation strategy/policy and technology entrepreneurship, including Organization Science, Journal of Business Venturing, Information Systems Research, IEEE Trans Engineering Management, and Information Society. He has also consulted widely for international agencies such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, various government agencies in Singapore, and many high tech firms in Asia. His current research interests include management of technological innovation, innovation policy and technology entrepreneurship. He has been a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at U.C. Berkeley and a visiting scholar at Stanford University. An active angel investor, he is on the board of directors of several high tech start-ups in Silicon Valley, Singapore and Malaysia. He chairs the NUS Venture Support Fund Investment Committee, and is a panel member of the TEC, a public sector innovation fund.

Ho Yew Kee (Co-Investigator)

Ho Yew Kee is an Associate Professor with the Dept of Finance and Accounting, NUS Business School. His research is on Asian financial markets. He is currently exploring the relationship between R&D and financial outcomes. Dr Ho is the co-chairman of the Centre for Financial Databases, NUS Business School.


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Roshni Mohapatra

Roshni Mohapatra was a Research Assistant on this project. She joined in 2003 and has been writing software to convert post-2000 patent data from XML into SQL and loading it into the database.

Roshni has completed her M.Sc in Computer Science and is now working at a consulting firm.

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Mala Selvaraj

Mala Selvaraj was the Research Assistant on this project between 2001 and 2003. She set up the database, converted the raw text files into SQL tables, and created the search engine.

Mala has since completed her Masters in Computer Science Degree at the NUS School of Computing and is working in industry.




Two other Research Assistants helped with programming in 2005/6: Dinesh Kunchamwar and Damien Chong.


Special Thanks to:

  • Tony Wong and his team at HP Singapore. They kindly transferred the data from DLT tape format into a readable form on our hard disk.
  • NUS Enterpreneurship Center and NUS Business School for funding this project.
  • The NUS Equipment Budget for providing an initial SGD60k to start up this project in year 2002.
  • Rowina of the NUS Bschool Dean's office patiently sorted through all the administration and paperwork.
  • Richa Gupta of the Financial Database Room, who sometimes takes care of the machine.
  • Roy Gaurisen and the folks at NUS Computer Center for helping us put the machine on the network.
  • Lee Yih Hwai (Asst Professor, NUS Business School) for designing the hardware specifications.

We thank the develoeprs of the following software platforms:

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