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To search for patents by owner (assignee), inventor or patent number, download the files below. The databases are in Microsoft Access format. Remember to read the terms of use.

Assignee Database:

This is the most common type of search. It is used to find the owner(s) of a patent at the time it was awarded. For example, you want to find all patents assigned to "Singapore Technologies", or for patents by companies in a particular country.

Assignees 1976-2004 [176Mb] Updated 2005-05

  • This file contains the assignees(owners) of each patent.
  • Each record contains the patent number, year of issue, assignee type and address (city/state/country/zipcode).

Unique Assignee Names :

This database contains unique occurrences of each assignee name. It is derived from the assignee table above. Use it to quickly check if the organization you are interested in appears anywhere in the dataset.

Assignee-Unique 1976-2004 [8MB] Updated 2005-05

Inventor Database:

This database allows you to search for individual inventors. For example, use it to search for all patents invented by "Thomas Edison", or for all patents with an inventor based in Singapore.

Inventors 1976-2004 [352Mb] (Updated 2005-05)

  • This file contains the inventor(s) of each patent.
  • Each record contains the patent number, year of issue, inventor's name and address (city/state/country/zip)

Patent Table :

This file contains the issue dates, application dates and classes of each patent

Patent Table 1976-2004 [419Mb] (Updated 2005-05)

Raw Citation Data :

This file contains raw citation data. Each patent is listed along with the US Patents that it makes citations to.

Citation Table 1976-2004 [196Mb] (Updated 2005-05)


If you need additional details about each patent, fulltext information is available in a convenient downloadable format using a complex search.

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