This subject presents a comprehensive overview of the major topics in business strategy

Scope and Learning Objectives

  1. To provide students with an understanding of the primary roles and responsibilities of a general manager in formulating and implementing business strategies;
  2. To introduce students to the issues involved in coordinating the activities of functional areas (marketing, manufacturing, R&D, accounting, human resource management and finance). This requires students to integrate what they’ve learnt from those courses.
  3. To introduce student to the frameworks and tools commonly used in developing and assessing business strategies; and
  4. To help students develop decision-making skills from a top management perspective.

Teaching Philosophy and Approach

This course puts the student in the role of a CEO making decisions. It exposes students to conceptual models of business strategy, along with several applications. This is not a course where you receive a "how to" guide. Instead it is a conceptual course to get you thinking about key ideas. However, being conceptual doesn't mean this class is boring: we cover many real-life industries and cases. As an analogy, people who learn to play a musical instrument need to learn both the Theory of Music as well as to practice regularly. Business Strategy is similar to a Theory of Music class -- it offers you a deeper understanding that will help them craft business strategies for real organizations.

My teaching style is based on a student-directed approach. I try to facilitate my students’ self-discovery by providing exciting content, motivation and guidance, but only they can truly learn. Each session uses case discussions, debates, and lively arguments. I expect students to play an active role in class and to prepare by analysing each week’s readings and cases beforehand


Pre-requisites: World of Management, Managing People, Managerial Economics, Financial Accounting
Concurrent Pre-requisites: Marketing, Financial Management
Soft Requisite: Managing Processes

Appointments for Consultation
I am happy to discuss course material with you (providing you have done the requisite work) outside of class times. Please make an appointment in advance. Wednesday afternoons work best for me, but I’m flexible with timing.

Teaching Assistant
Woody Lo is the teaching assistant for the course. He will provide regular feedback on the weekly individual assigments, offer advice on your syndicate assignment, and conduct a review sesion towards the end of the course.