Course Material

1. Readings

We will be using a collection of readings and cases.

Two optional textbooks are recommended:

2. Learning Management System

Readings and cases are distributed through the University of Melbourne Learning Management System.

3. Software

Here is some free & useful software that I recommend. They run on any Mac/PC/Linux system:

  • Vue: easy-to-use concept mapping software. img
  • Freemind: mind mapping software. img

Learn about the difference between concept mapping and mindmapping img

4. Guest Speaker Videos

This year we had two guest speakers in to discuss climate change and business strategy. Here are the videos of the session with Ross Wyatt (General Manager, Netbalance Foundation) and Andy Jones (MBS Alumni and Director of Group Sustainability at Amcor). You will need a password from me to view the videos.


2010-07 Business Strategy-01-Andy Jones.

2010-07-Business Strategy-Ross Wyatt Part 1.

2010-07-Business Strategy-Ross Wyatt Part 2.

2010-07-Business Strategy-Q&A.