Course Materials

1. Reading pack

The readings and cases are included in a course pack available from Student Services.
A copy of the reading pack is also available at the MBS library counter.

2. Preliminary Readings:

Prior to taking the class, students should have read this book (also used in Microeconomics):

Brandenburger, A. and Nalebuff, B., Coopetition,  Doubleday, 1996. Available from the MBS Library img

3. Online Learning Environment

We will be using an Online Learning Environment. It contains class slides, discussion forums, syndicate work areas, and other material. img

If you are taking this class, you must sign up. It's free. Use the password in your coursepack as the Course Enrollment Key.

Find the password in the coursepack -> passwd
Click "Create New Account". Choose a username and password. You can use your personal email account or MBS one.moodle

Use the system. A screenshot is shown below.


We are using this system because (a) it offers features that we need for the class (b) you can access it anytime and anywhere using your personal account and (c) the MBS Learning Management System will only be operational next year.

4. Software

Here is some free & useful software that I recommend. They run on any Mac/PC/Linux system:

  • Vue: easy-to-use concept mapping software. img
  • Freemind: mind mapping software. img

Learn about the difference between concept mapping and mindmapping img

5. Contest

Yes there is a contest! The aim of this contest is to encourage students to share interesting and useful applications of ideas/frameworks discussed in class. Each contest entry should be a brief example (1 or 2 paragraphs not exceeding 500 words). For example, you might want to share an interesting example of a "focussed differentiation" strategy, or of disruptive technology in a "low-tech" industry, or of resource-based capability in a firm you are familiar with. Or anything else that is interesting & relevant to the class. Lets have some fun!

Two top prizes to be won, one for the full-time class, and another for the part-time class.

  • Prize: AU$70 cash plus a certificate recognizing your prize.
  • Counts towards your course participation grade.

Please submit your entry by 5pm on XXX July 2007, Melbourne Time. During the final week, each student will anonymously vote for the best entry. The purpose is to create useful examples for your classmates, so they will vote for the winners.

Further details to be announced soon.