Online Paper to make up for Absence from Class

Q: What is an Online Paper?
A: It is a short essay that helps you reflect upon what you've read in the readings and discussed in class. The maximum length is 600 words.

Q: Are there deadlines for submission?
A: Yes. Your paper should be posted within 1 week of your absence from class. If you need an extension for a valid reason, please email the instructor before the deadline. Otherwise it is assumed you did not hand it up.

Q: How do i submit an Online Paper?
A: Please post your Online Paper in the IVLE discussion group. Do NOT email it to me. The first line of you paper should clearly indicate which class it was meant to make up for.
Important: Post your minipaper as simple in-line text and graphics. Do NOT use attachments in MS Word or other file formats. This is to prevent the spread of computer viruses and also to make it easy for everyone to browse the papers.

Q: What should an Online Paper be about?
A: An Online Paper further explore ideas presented in class. Students often write papers that:
1. Expand or critique a framework presented in class. For example, you could propose an extension of an existing framework or disagree with it (stating your reasons)
2. Apply frameworks learnt in class to an actual example -- does it predict correctly, and why? why not?
3. Compare or contrast two or more frameworks presented in class.

Q: What is your best advice for writing an Online Paper?
A: Get to the point.

Q: What is the difference between an Online Paper and a Minipaper?
A: An online paper is something you post on the IVLE Discussion Forum; the Minipaper is submitted directly to the instructor. Online papers are limited to 600 words maximum, while minipapers are limited to 4 pages. Other than that, there isn't that much of a difference.

Q: What are some tips on writing an online paper?
A: A good paper:
· Should NOT just a summary of what we discussed in class -- you should add value by thinking further about those topics.
· Should NOT be a thesis. Don't be over-ambitious and attempt to write an entire thesis in one or two pages. You should pick a topic specific enough that you can explore productively within a short span of time.
· Should NOT just be your opinion about management or technology. It should be a careful, thoughtful reflection of the subject matter covered in this course.
· Should be FUN. Its your opportunity to explore relatively uncharted territory. be brave- try out new ideas and be creative! The main purpose of this exercise is to help you learn, by giving you a chance to reflect upon what you've learnt in class and get some feedback on it.

Q: Will my online paper be graded?
A: If you wrote an online paper to make up for a class missed, that paper will be graded but you will not necessarily get direct feedback on it. This is because makeup papers count for a tiny fraction of the class grade.

Note: To be perfectly clear, please indicate on each of your postings and comments whether you want it to be graded or not.

Updated: 27 Jan 2004.